Application Process

Membership Application forms are available from the Secretary. In order to join the club, it is necessary to be nominated and seconded by club members, both of whom must be current financial members. Your application must be approved at a committee meeting of the branch, (held on the Monday proceeding the first Thursday of the month) and it is then forwarded to the National Office for processing. Membership cards are forwarded to you from there. It is not until the National Office has processed your application and forwarded your membership card that your membership takes effect. From that date you will receive a copy of the Canterbury Branch newsletter, “The Hub” and a copy of the club’s national magazine “Beaded Wheels” which is published every second month.

Membership Fees

The cost for new membership for a full year is $143.75 including GST. This amount includes a one-off joining fee of $34.50 including GST.  Personalised name badges are available although not included in the joining fees can be purchased at the monthly “Noggin and Natter” for $10.00 each (from the bar). (Joining with a joint membership is $158.70 including GST.) However, as the club’s financial year ends on October 31st, the costs of joining and subscription reduce on a three monthly basis throughout the year to compensate for the shorter subscription period. A joint member must be the partner of the member and/or a dependent student child between the age of 12 and 18 years inclusive who is resident at the same address as the member.

Club Night: 7:30pm

1st Thursday each month.

The Vintage Car Club of New Zealand Canterbury Branch Inc

You don’t need to own a club eligible vehicle to become a member – The Vintage Car Club caters for all cars, trucks and motorcycles over 30 years old. Branches host specialist runs for commercial vehicles, veterans, motorcycles and other subsections as well as plenty of combined events.

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